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  • Reliable subsea power distribution

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Large-scale high-voltage and low-voltage power distribution systems from Schneider Electric can help maximize subsea processing efficiency and reliability.

Oil has been a boon to the world for centuries, fueling economic growth. It has also played a central role in facilitating innovation – from cars to high-powered data centers that make cloud computing possible today. As new evolutionary technologies are introduced, the need for oil as a fuel increases. However, the era of easy oil is over.

For Oil & Gas companies, decades-old challenges of prospecting for oil and gas reservoirs pale in comparison to the modern-day realities of depleted resources and dry wells, which are further complicated by political conflicts, increasing competition, and rising environmental concerns. In response to the difficult challenges ahead, Oil & Gas companies are venturing out into new frontiers – from the arctic region to ultra-deep waters.

A sea of change in oil production

Most of the processing platforms of tomorrow will operate on the seafloor, as deep as 10,000 feet and as far as 100 miles from the coast. Given the complex challenges and extreme environment, is it any wonder that delivering reliable power supply to subsea process facilities is becoming a topmost priority for the Oil & Gas industry?

In order to meet demands, plants of the future will have to achieve one of two purposes: discover new oil and gas fields, or enhance the recovery of depleting reservoirs by as much as 30 percent. But how can an Oil & Gas company profitably run efficient operations so distant from land with reliable power, and at significantly reduced CapEx and OpEx?

Introducing modular Schneider Electric solutions

Schneider Electric™ is the first company to supply large-scale high-voltage and low-voltage power distribution systems required for efficient and reliable subsea processing facilities. Our highly robust systems are innovative, not only in the proven standard components used to guarantee the highest degree of reliability, but in their flexibility and modularity.

Schneider Electric systems can be engineered and assembled to endure intense seabed conditions over a 30-year lifetime. Because modular Schneider Electric power distribution and control systems are easy to install, operate, and maintain, you can have your power distribution and control system running in record time, and easily expand as needed in the future. And with a fault-tolerant design, you can keep field production going in most circumstances.

Achieve full control of your subsea power plant

In a typical installation, as presented in our newest video, “Schneider Electric Powers Subsea Processing Facilities of the Future,” the heart of plant operations is the control room. Given that subsea production and processing takes place far away from the coast, remotely managing subsea production and processing from the onshore control room is required. Operators need to be able to fully and remotely control mission-critical equipment and accurately detect and localize faults. This way, continuous field production with much less risk can be ensured.

Schneider Electric solutions provide full control of the subsea plant power distribution and control system, so operators can:

  • Monitor all possible data available and modify parameters
  • See the status of subsea equipment, parameters, and condition monitoring of the loads
  • Reconfigure subsea equipment to handle unexpected conditions
  • Retrieve sequence of events for accurate transient analysis and predictive maintenance

Power requirements for an electrical substation that feeds high voltage from the local power sources or public utilities to the subsea power distribution system can be as massive as 70 megawatts. Therefore, your reservoir production equipment, including separators, the compressor and pumps, the water treatment, the desanders, and all the interfaces with the production wells and manifolds, must be reliable and offer optimal protection.

Watch now how Schneider Electric powers subsea processing facilities of the future.
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