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  • Royal Greenland invests in energy efficiency

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Royal Greenland invests in energy efficiency

Millions of prawns and fish are prepared, processed, and packed daily by multinational seafood processor Royal Greenland. The company is constantly examining new ways to reduce its environmental footprint and improve the productivity of all its processes. To help improve the overall efficiency of its energy-intensive production facilities, Royal Greenland turned to Schneider Electric™ and systems integrator CS Electric Nord to assist with an ambitious project aiming to generate energy savings worth millions of dollars.

Intelligent, integrated information identifies potential savings

Technical project manager, Henrik Kraft is responsible for boosting energy efficiency at Royal Greenland’s European production facilities. They have realized more than 1 million dollars in saving and the potential is even greater. “With our ongoing focus on energy consumption, our new system enables us to work in a far more targeted way. Our production facilities are very energy-intensive, with the major energy guzzlers being water used in processing and energy for our chilling and boiler systems. There’s no doubt that there’s tremendous potential here to use less energy,” he explains. It became clear that monitoring and measurement would be the key to meeting their energy-efficient targets.

In close collaboration with CS Electric Nord and Schneider Electric, Royal Greenland implemented an intelligent monitoring system anchored by StruxureWare Power Monitoring Expert 7 software, which provides detailed consumption date for the group’s European facilities. “We needed a standardized measurement method so that we could identify savings opportunities. Our Schneider Electric solution makes it easy to measure, document, and monitor our consumption of electricity, water, oil, gas, and district heating. It’s a user-friendly, easily manageable and scalable solution into which we are considering integrating an additional 20 operating locations on several continents,” says Henrik Kraft.

The project’s first phase included Royal Greenland’s factories in Germany and Poland, and also in the Danish packing and processing plant in Aalborg. The next step is to link in the Canadian prawn production and more factories in Greenland to the intelligent system.

Green monitoring made simple and effective
Boosting energy efficiency requires an understanding of consumption patterns, a fact well known to Steen Jørgensen of CS Electric Nord, who configured the system. “It was all about finding an integrated solution to document, report, and not least of all visualize consumption, so that it’s easy to track the results of energy initiatives. It’s also important that the system is easy to use, so it doesn’t require a lot of time and long training periods,” explains the systems integrator.
Power Monitoring Expert software was chosen and Steen Jørgensen set up and customized it for Royal Greenland, so that information from multiple factories was integrated to a single user interface from a shared server. This provides a simple overview of energy consumption across the global organization, even if, for example, you’re sitting in Royal Greenland’s technical department at the head office in Aalborg, Denmark. The system has a simple structure and now measures consumption of electricity, water, oil, gas, and temperatures at factories in Denmark, Germany, and Poland.
It is the first step in a continual program designed to produce increasingly significant energy savings. “We started with a Fiat 500, and we’re working our way up to a Rolls-Royce in terms of energy management. It’s all about focusing on the low-hanging fruit, which provide some quick savings directly on the bottom line. We’re constantly striving to optimize our production facilities, and this is where monitoring energy consumption has tremendous potential. So it’s also very important to have the support of employees, who in due course will have to be involved in assuming responsibility for more green production,” says technical project manager Henrik Kraft. Royal Greenland wants to save 10 percent of its total energy consumption by the year 2015.

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