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Schneider Electric energy management experts can enhance your data center’s business value.

Enterprises are partnering with Schneider Electric™ to optimize the performance and efficiency of their data centers. Global energy management services help organizations, across industries to assess, audit, monitor, and manage their data center physical infrastructures at every level. Below is a sampling of how some of our customers have benefited.

Smaller electricity bill for major telecommunications company
A European-based mobile phone company with over 25 million customers reduced operational costs by implementing Schneider Electric energy management services (EMS), software, and air management solutions that:

  • Saved over 22% in annual electricity costs
  • Enhanced performance and efficiency for 10 IT rooms in 3 data centers
  • Reduced PUE (2.26 to 1.8)

Big savings for data storage hardware provider
A U.S. IT hardware company with over 53,000 employees across 85 countries maximized the performance of their 20,000 square foot data center and established a roadmap for future expansion.

After a Data Center EnergySTEP assessment, Schneider Electric added a UPS, calibrated temperature and humidity, redesigned racks into hot/cold aisle, and helped virtualize by enhancing density capabilities. The customer:

  • Saved $3 million U.S. over three years
  • Eliminated hot spots and resolved cooling distribution issues
  • Stabilized average temperature (from 75.9 to 72.5 °F)

Better PUE for global aviation and defense leader
A European-based aircraft manufacturer with over 100,000 employees reduced energy consumption and costs. Following the EnergySTEP assessment of 21 IT rooms in 4 data centers at 4 sites, Schneider Electric recommended hot and cold aisle configuration, improved airflow management, and implemented an energy management system. The customer:

  • Improved PUE (1.83 to 1.6)
  • Received expert insights on data center retrofitting, construction, and expansion
  • Generated $300K estimated annual savings
  • Achieved 3.504 MWH annual savings

Schneider Electric energy management services routinely help clients free up cooling capacity, increase density and save on utility bills.

Enhance your data center's business value with global energy management services.
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