• The world’s highest rated breaking capacity for the most demanding electrical environments

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Compact NSX MCCBs offer integrated energy metering, alarms, diagnosis, and communication capabilities for the world's most demanding electrical environments.

V system increases power density without transitioning to an MV system (which would increase cost, physical size, training, and maintenance requirements). High-demand power systems with paralleled power sources or large numbers of motor loads, need protection against the risk of extreme short-circuit fault currents.

Extended breaking performanceSchneider Electric™ now offers high breaking capacity for the entire range of Compact™ NSX of moulded case circuit breakers (MCCBs). Engineered to provide exceptional protection and service continuity for high-demand power applications spanning 100 to 630 A, the range provides breaking capacity of 100 kA at 690 V, and 200 kA at 440 V. Compact NSX can now address the requirements of applications that once mandated more costly, more bulky protection devices. A smart alternative to high-power fuses The Compact NSX MCCB circuit breaker will withstand extreme fault conditions and remain operational after 3 faults. 

Remote control reclosing functionality enables quick circuit restoration, and system-wide outages are avoided using discrimination to isolate faults. In this way, the impact of downtime is reduced while you avoid the labour and parts costs associated with fuse replacement.

Simultaneously maximizing efficiency and continuity of serviceCompact NSX MCCBs also offer integrated energy metering, alarms, diagnosis, and communication capabilities to help maximize energy efficiency and network reliability. And they can be delivered as part of a complete, fully integrated and reliable 690 V power distribution solution from Schneider Electric that also includes Masterpact™ air circuit breakers (ACB), and Okken™ or Blokset™ switchboards.

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