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  • Top 10 safety tips about washdown stations

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  1. Never allow unauthorized personnel to handle equipment.
  2. Never put your hands or fingers in front of the nozzle.
  3. Never point the nozzle at your body—or anyone else.
  1. Never leave washdown station unattended without releasing pressure.
  2. Never use mechanical means to hold trigger in open position.
  3. Before pulling trigger hold nozzle firmly.
  4. Adopt a proper body stance to anticipate high recoil force by spray nozzle.
  5. Always exercise care and caution when spraying.
  6. When spraying hot liquids avoid hand or body contact with non-insulated parts of the nozzle.
  7. Wear protective clothing including heavy-duty insulated gloves, boots, aprons and safety glasses.

Content provided by Spirax Sarco, originally published in Steam News Magazine.

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