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  • Top 8 NetShelter CX customer profiles

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Small, versatile and virtualized IT architectures can fit conveniently into any office space.
  1. Timing is everything in sales. So how can you tell when your customers are ready to hear about NetShelter™ CX? Encourage them to share their problems with you by earning their trust, building rapport, and listening. The following 
eight types of customers can benefit from NetShelter CX:

    1. 1. Large enterprises with many sites. Examples include retailers and banks where room for a dedicated IT space is lacking at each location.
    2. 2. Businesses with remote sites. They want to safely install IT gear and remotely manage it, providing you with a perfect opportunity to package in a Smart-UPS™, which enables remote monitoring and management.
    3. 3. Companies facing cost roadblocks or space limitations for a dedicated server room. Affordable NetShelter CX solutions can help because they take up little room.
  1. 4. Organizations seeking fast IT deployment. Whether growing or moving, many organizations need to quickly deploy IT that is scalable and flexible. NetShelter CX come in various sizes, from 12U to 38U, and solutions can be deployed in days.
  2. 5. Companies with virtualized servers. As they experience shrinking digital footprints, NetShelter CX can help free space that is no longer needed to dedicate to IT.
  3. 6. Enterprises with too much IT equipment. A crowded IT space causes chaos and negatively impacts cooling, but NetShelter CX can improve organization without extra cooling capacity.
  4. 7. Businesses where employees and IT share space. Out in the open, IT equipment noise can distract employees, lowering productivity. Because NetShelter CX muffles about 90 percent of perceived noise from IT equipment it houses, it can peacefully coexist with people.
  5. 8. Regulated enterprises. For healthcare and finance organizations, equipment out in the open can become a compliance issue. NetShelter CX keeps the equipment safe and secure under lock and key.

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