• Trend watch 2015: What's ahead for your business?

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Discover the four steps to leveraging this year’s mega trends. Whether you ignore these trends or consider them as ultimate answers for your business ills, the reality is that without a deliberate strategy to make sense of them all, your organization will lag behind.

A new era of data center innovation is underway, a result of four mega trends: big data, cloud computing, the Internet of Things, and mobile devices. These ubiquitous trends are already changing the way businesses interact with their customers, plan for their futures, and maintain their competitive edge in a marketplace full of new ideas.

Technology titans in Web, telco, IT, and data center industries are bolstering their infrastructures to dominate in the delivery of big data via cloud services. They are all seeking market dominance differently, including acquiring companies with innovative products, building massive data centers, modernizing existing networks, and establishing global cloud ecosystems.

Yet, even as new technologies from these competing giants emerge to respond to these trends, many enterprises are struggling to keep pace, while others believe these trends have a soon-to-come expiration date. Many have fallen victim to the rigid dichotomy between embracing innovation and rejecting it entirely.

Why pay attention to the mega trends of 2015?  Whether you ignore these trends or consider them as ultimate answers for your business ills, the reality is that without a deliberate strategy to make sense of them all, your organization will lag behind.

Big data: The phenomenon known as “big data” has proven difficult to comprehend for many businesses. So if you’re struggling to understand it, you’re not alone. Knowing what to do with big data requires that you ask questions. You need to determine which data is relevant to your business. Then, you need to figure out how to store, protect, back up, and access this data so you can analyze and use it, which are the most difficult and important parts.

Cloud computing: The cloud is everywhere and easy to access thanks to some popular tools, but it poses challenges similar to big data. Today, the cloud is an infrastructure that does more than just house your files. It’s a platform that leverages, mines, processes, and interprets data. Therefore, keeping it secure is urgent.

The Internet of Things: The Internet of Things (IoT), among the newest trends, is not a technology in and of itself, but rather a concept that describes our increasingly interconnected world. Because more devices are being designed to achieve interoperability and facilitate direct communication between machines, IoT is a trend that needs your attention.

Mobile devices: The mad dash to build the next great innovation is borne out of the success of current mobile devices that improve the way we communicate with each other, do business, and find answers to problems. In fact, there will be twice as many networked devices than there are people on the planet in 2015.

Data monitoring, analysis, and prediction:  Making sense of these mega trends requires interoperability between systems and the ability to monitor, analyze, and predict data flows. At Schneider Electric™, we use our own software tools to get a handle of data (i.e. global resource usage and GHG footprint) thanks to cloud-based, mobile-friendly StruxureWare™ software and suites.

StruxureWare software and suites allows you to:

  • Leverage very near-term data (minutes or days vs. months or years) and predictive algorithms to find patterns and enable your enterprise to make strategic adjustments
  • Make on-target decisions via thorough data analysis
  • Fine-tune performance across all segments/domains
  • Plan for the future with confidence

Four steps to leveraging 2015 mega trends

Assess your organization’s “energy maturity.” Get your “small data” house in order, then scale upward. Engage internal and external stakeholders. Show the data in the most transparent way possible. Reinforce financial impact and value. Prove that ROI extends beyond cost savings. Use statistics to make your case. Grow your talent pool. Today, data analytics rules. And your business needs to keep up by expanding the skills of your workforce.

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