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Right-sized UPS solutions enable IT managers to address critical IT challenges and maximize uptime, today and into the future.

You might be aware of the selection criteria for picking UPS to protect home IT equipment, which can be applied to business IT networks as well. However, professional networks are more complex and the stakes are much higher. With increasing use of cloud applications and colocation, protection of connectivity and data storage devices is critical.

UPS Sizing Recently Cisco research revealed that the number of mobile devices will surpass the global population soon. This age of BYOD and mobility challenges IT managers to stabilize connectivity and corporate networks. In addition to ensuring servers are operating, it’s vital to protect storage and network equipment, broadband connections, access points, modems, and routers from potential damage caused by power transients to maintain business continuity. Consider the speed of IT infrastructure growth when sizing UPS systems and determine how much “headroom” is needed for short-term increases.

UPS Expansion  If you do not foresee significant changes in your IT infrastructure in the future, using a standard UPS and allowing room for growth is one way to go. But if your future requirements are uncertain or rapidly growing, a modular UPS could provide an effective solution. UPS models such as APC Symmetras are scalable, facilitating future load and runtime expansion through the addition of power and battery modules instead of full system replacements. The pay-as-you-grow approach helps to match UPS and IT power, increase system efficiency, and minimize operational costs.

UPS Runtime In the US, most power outages last 5 minutes to an hour. So 60 minutes’ UPS runtime could virtually render IT immune from most power problems. But, what about longer lasting outages? Where the network is not protected by a standby power generation system, consider a UPS capable of increasing runtime with additional battery modules. On-line and line interactive UPS are the industry standard, but it’s even more important to remember that if a genset is in place, a standby UPS is not appropriate.

UPS Management   Management software such as APC PowerChute® Business Edition and our network management card can provide IT administrators the comfort and convenience of remote monitoring and control (such as the ability to reboot hung devices), safe system shutdown during extended power outages, proactive battery and environmental diagnostics to greatly reduce downtime, and advanced UPS management to optimize system operations and protect data and equipment from crashes caused by power outages.

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