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  • Wanted: An HMI design that promotes safety and boosts productivity

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HMI design can contribute to safety issues and industrial accidents, despite advanced alarm notification systems. In a survey by Automation World, 70% of respondents said “alarm overload” impacts their ability to properly operate the production process. The heart of the dilemma is simple: HMIs used in industrial processes today were meant to maintain a particular operational state rather than to optimize business performance.

Situational awareness, a methodology of best practices, can help overwhelmed operators to perform their jobs with fewer errors and can reduce unanticipated downtime. Designing a more effective HMI involves these elements:

  • Goal-oriented design
  • 4-level window display structure
  • Simplified color and animation
  • Actionable alarm management
  • Standardized design elements
  • Smart meters and dashboards

The proper HMI design allows operations teams to shift their focus from straight operations to real-time business management. The ultimate benefit to an industry is a higher level of safety and better economic performance.

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