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  • Welcoming a new energy paradigm

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The European Union has made a formal commitment to a five-pillar Third Industrial Revolution. This is a formal plan endorsed by the European parliament in 2007.

  • Pillar One: 20% renewable energy by 2020, in every region in Europe. That means a third of electricity has to be green in every region of the European Union by 2020.
  • Pillar Two: Collect distributable renewable energies where the infrastructure exists.
  • Pillar Three: Storage and managing the energies and the efficiencies. The sun isn’t always shining, and sometimes the wind blows at night, but you need electricity during the day.
  • Pillar Four: The energy internet. Bring together off-the-shelf internet technology and use it to organize renewable energies and create continental energy internets.
  • Pillar Five: Logistics and transport. Electric vehicles are here, and hydrogen-powered cars, buses, and trucks will be in mass production by major companies.

Watch a video featuring economist and author Jeremy Rifkin, who provides his insight on climate change and the energy dilemma facing our society
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