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  • What makes a wise data center investment?

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SMDC solutions allow smart growth in your data center.

Technology is always evolving. For example, bank IT systems from just a decade ago functioned and looked differently than the technology available today. In fact, some existing systems may become obsolete within the next decade. And if your data center is too rigid to adapt to new IT trends, then you can be denied profitable opportunities and fall behind your competitors.

But with the necessary infrastructure to enable scalable and modular growth, you can easily adjust to market demands and changes. Here’s where the value of the IBM-Schneider Electric partnership comes in.

Case study: ABC Brasil Bank
The IT department of this multi-purpose bank was challenged with implementing an infrastructure using the best available concepts on the market for energy, modularity, and scalability optimization. A Scalable Modular Data Center (SMDC) solution, developed jointly by IBM® and Schneider Electric™, included:

  • An in-row cooling system
  • Fire detection and extinguishing devices
  • Blade servers
  • Easy-to-use management system
  • Maintenance contract with IBM guaranteeing long-term spare part replacement

“After implementing the SMDC solution we concluded that we made the wisest decision, protecting our investment and preparing us to meet every growth challenge the bank may have,” says Renato Raica, IT manager, ABC Brasil Bank.

Planning for the future
The IBM SMDC solution with Schneider Electric technology is also enabled for the integrated IBM PureSystems® solution family, a complete hardware infrastructure made up of servers, network, storage, and a management layer. This totally integrated infrastructure gives organizations the flexibility to apply its own infrastructure with its storage and network processing requirements using a single management tool.

The combination of customizable IBM intelligent infrastructure and the newest generation of Schneider Electric equipment enables organizations to better plan for the future with easy customization as modules can be added to meet cooling, UPS, or data center needs.

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