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  • What's trending now in data center management?

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Learn the latest techniques for ensuring uptime and availability through free, online, on-demand courses.

As data center technology changes, so do its challenges — especially around power and cooling. Professionals everywhere are seeking expert, unbiased advice to expand their knowledge while leveraging new solutions. More than 350,000 IT pros have found that expertise at Energy University™, a free, online educational resource offering more than 200 data center and efficiency courses.

The data center topics trending now...

1. Virtualization

Virtualization can have a significant impact on data center physical infrastructure, thanks to higher power densities, changes in energy consumption, and loadshifting. Effective power monitoring is essential. Learn how to manage your virtualized environment more efficiently in Virtualization: The Engine Behind Cloud Computing.

2. High density computing
Blade servers can lead to densely-packed racks that require more power and generate more heat. Too often, however, infrastructure problems can prevent adequate power and cooling from reaching high density areas. Uncover the steps to successful blade deployment in High Density: Planning for Integrating Blade Servers into Existing Data Centers.

3. Server rooms 

Small server rooms (usually up to 10 kW of IT load) or non-traditional IT spaces are often unorganized, unsecure, hot, and space-constrained. Gain valuable tips for improving power, cooling, rack, physical security, monitoring, and lighting in Deploying IT Equipment in Small Server Rooms and Branch Offices.

4. Wiring closets 

Don’t wait for overheating or equipment failure to add cooling to your IT wiring closets. Be proactive! Learn how to ensure compatibility with anticipated loads, prevent over-sizing, and maximize efficiency in Cooling Strategies for IT Wiring Closets and Small Rooms.

5. DCIM software

Data centers are evolving from cost centers to creators of business value. Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) software can play a big part. Find out what it can do for your business in How DCIM Software Improves Planning and Cuts Operational Costs.

Technology continually presents new data center challenges. Stay informed with free, timely courses from Energy University.

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