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  • When secure, uninterrupted power is critical

High tech energy management
Flexible single-phase solutions can protect critical applications and environments.

With the key role of communications and electronics in many critical applications today, it’s essential to protect the quality and availability of electrical power at all times. Particularly in sensitive industrial sectors such as marine, airport, and healthcare, any power outage, however brief, can result in serious danger and put human life at risk.

Increased performance and safety

Schneider Electric™ offers a range of standard and adapted single-phase products for special applications, designed to meet the unique needs of industries with distinctive mission-critical requirements, specific standards, and varying environmental conditions.

In these demanding environments, the UPS can be installed close to critical equipment for easily integrated, decentralized protection that improves power quality while ensuring compliance. These solutions protect digitally controlled systems, equipment, and processes from sudden outages, guaranteeing operational service continuity.

Application-specific solutions for your unique needs

What makes these solutions special? Flexible architecture quickly adapts to multiple applications while minimizing the engineering work involved. Each is designed with specific considerations in mind, including:

  • Environmental challenges such as temperature extremes, humidity, condensation, and sand, salt, or dust particles
  • Varying electrical characteristics such as connectors and cables, source power and load irregularities, wider voltage range, and multiple inputs/outputs
  • Longer runtimes, faster recharge times, and new battery chemistries
  • Footprint and mounting methods specific to these application’s unique requirements
  • Mechanical accommodations for size, weight, enclosure style, and cabling
  • Preconfigured settings and pre-installed accessories for control, connectivity, communication protocols, and monitoring

With specific UPS systems available for sensitive industrial shop floor equipment; shipboard, offshore, and dockside marine operations; wind turbines and renewable energy; wireless network communications; harsh field environments with UL-listing requirements; and special configurations for transportation, healthcare, banking, and cloud-based retail needs, we have the power protection solution that fits the needs of your critical environments and applications, delivering 24/7 availability where it’s needed most.

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