• Why critical marine applications require UPS protection

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Even the most cautious of navigators encounter unpredictable conditions that require outside assistance. In an emergency, they depend on technologies such as Global Maritime Distress Safety Systems (GMDSS), navigation systems, and Voyage Data Recorders (VDR) to ensure the safety of the vessel and its crew.

These mission-critical marine applications provide rescue authorities with timely information, help navigators steer clear of danger, and enable investigators to identify the cause of any accident. Loss of electrical power can damage these systems and create nightmare scenarios where lives are affected and valuable assets are damaged.

Reliable backup power solutions for marine electrical systems enable navigators to protect people and assets, and provide clean power even under the most difficult of circumstances.

Reliable UPS solutions limit risks

Where critical marine applications are concerned, global ship owners seek to gain peace of mind. That’s why they turn to Schneider Electric™, the worldwide leader in power protection. For example, industrial quality UPS units, such as MGE™ EPS™ and MGE Galaxy™ (for 3-phase) and Smart-UPS™ On-Line (single-phase 1-6kVA for Marine and Offshore Environments) can be deployed to address challenges such as

  • Constant exposure to vibration and shocks caused by rapid changes in weather and temperature
  • Limited space to build and house power protection equipment
  • Continual upkeep and maintenance of on-board power protection systems, which are constantly exposed to saltwater and other elements
  • Strict regulations which require navigation and emergency power systems to comply with international classification standards
Global reach and predictable service levels
Whether designing a customized or turnkey system, Schneider Electric engineers leverage their expertise in building and configuring single-phase and 3-phase UPS solutions for marine applications to meet the high standards of ship owners and international agencies.
With full service options and global centers across Europe, North America, Southern Africa, Middle East, and Asia, ship owners can increase the life cycle and optimize the performance of their marine UPS systems.

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