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  • Why invest in a home charging station for electric vehicles?

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ASK THE EXPERT VAL RIE FORMOND-ROUX, EV strategy and marketing vice president, defines and manages Schneider Electric worldwide business development for electrical vehicle charging infrastructure. She oversees the development of a full range of EV charging stations and associated professional services and cloud-based software, with a special focus on energy management and grid-integration solution. An engineering graduate from Sup lec and a B2B Marketing certificate-holder from HEC Paris, she was previously Schneider Electric France Marketing VP before becoming Residential Control LoB VP.

Q: Why should electric car drivers install a home charging station?

A: Charging an electric vehicle (EV) requires high power at a high frequency for several hours at a time. It is comparable to turning up an oven to its maximum temperature to heat it quickly and leaving it running regularly for a protracted duration. For improved user and equipment protection, the best option is an EV charging station that is designed to support daily full-power charging.

Q: How does a home EV charging station work?

A: The Schneider Electric EVlink Wallbox charging station uses mode-3 charging. In some countries, it is called level 2 charging. Wired to a dedicated branch circuit, the charging station delivers a high-charging current without disturbance to the home electrical system. Depending on the charging current, a 22 kWh car battery can be fully charged up to three times faster than residential electrical outlets.

Q: Aside from a faster recharge, what other benefits does the wallbox give to EV drivers?
A: The EVlink Wallbox unit comes with environmentally friendly options for controlling energy consumption. The wallbox is easily installed by a qualified electrician who can advise the EV driver on load-shedding options. There’s also an option to program charging during off-peak hours when the rates are cheaper.
Q: So, a home charging station supports EV drivers’ way of life?
A: Using the EVlink Wallbox unit is simplicity itself. It’s just plug and charge at your convenience. Drivers can operate it with the same peace of mind as using any familiar home appliance. The speed, ease, and reliability of a personal charging station at the doorstep help EV drivers to sustain their commitment to green living.

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