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EcoDesign Regulations

An Ecodesign Directive from the European Commission, (COMMISSION REGULATION (EU) No 548/2014 implementing Directive 2009/125/EC) for small, medium and power transformers to save energy and reduce network losses is approaching the second stage of the regulation.

Published in the Official Journal of the European Union, the regulation imposes, for supply into the EU, the maximum level of losses and minimum efficiencies for transformers placed on the market / put into service.

The regulation detailed two stages of introduction

Stage 1 “Tier 1”, imposing maximum loss levels and minimum efficiencies came into force on 1st July 2015.

Stage 2 “Tier 2”, imposing reduced maximum loss levels and increased minimum efficiencies commencing 1st July 2021

As such from 1st July 2021, small, medium and large power transformers must meet the requirements of Tier 2 losses / efficiency, with transformer manufacturers being fully responsible in applying the law.

Rational : European Union commitments  

The EU is continuing the implementation of its «20-20-20» program:

• Reduction of  20 % of greenhouse gases emission 

• Reduction of  20% of energy consumption 

• Reach 20% from renewable energy in total production 

• Power Transformer losses represents about 2.5% of total EU energy consumption

EcoDesign aims for two major objectives on the Transformer product: 

• Reduce electrical losses (1 step in 2015/ 2nd step in 2021)

• Clarify and make more visible indication of performance

What it means

The new directive will apply to small, medium, and large transformers (there are listed exceptions).   

The rules regarding the manufacturing and delivery of Tier 2 transformers are subject to guidance set out in the Blue Guide, which covers European Union product regulation from 2016.   

In the Blue Guide, the two stages are defined below. 

transformer of medium size

Medium Voltage Transformers

Manufactured to the EcoDesign specifications.
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