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How can I make my machine more stylish?
Harmony Flush, the easy way to enhance the look and feel of your machines.

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Optimize maintenance cost with Harmony, obviously!

What if your production line stopped because of a single push button? With Harmony, you get the tools to optimize your preventive maintenance.
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Building efficient operator workstations

How can you optimize your operator interface ? With Harmony, you get the tools to customize your push buttons & markings and use them in more ergonomic, intuitive & easy to read workstations
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Do you have questions or need assistance? We’re here to help!
1) What is a push button?
A push button, often referred to as a button, is a basic switch mechanism used to control a component of a machine or an electrical system; they are usually designed with the help of solid materials such as metal or plastic. On the structural front, the surface of push buttons is often flat or contoured to suit the silhouette, finger or hand, allowing it to be depressed effortlessly and with ease.

2) Why is a push button required?
Push buttons or push button switches are required in the electrical and industrial sector to effectively turn off and on the control circuit. On a basic level, it is a control switch appliance deployed across various electrical systems, equipment and instruments like automatic control circuits, electromagnetic starters, relays, contactors and more.
At Schneider Electric UK, we aspire to be a one stop destination for all your electrical needs. Our team of expert professionals have designed a comprehensive range of push buttons and signaling devices that are modular, affordable, and offer optimum operational efficiency.

3) What are the features of a push button?
Unlike most electrical equipment and appliances, switches and push buttons are usually designed with the same features and characteristics across different industries.
In order to open and close the circuit on time, push button switches can be broadly categorised into two types: momentary, in which the action happens only when the actuator is pressed, and alternate action, in which the contacts are maintained until the actuator is depressed again. In addition, push button switches are offered in single and multiple pole configurations, but they are restricted to two throws.