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    For contractors, installers, and system integrators, Smart Panels provide a connected solution that is simple to integrate and commission.

Smart Panels for contractors, installers and system integrators

What makes you a trusted specialist in engineering solutions is the ability to deliver on specification, on schedule, and within budget. Smart Panels give you a competitive edge solution that increases energy and operational efficiency.
  • Understand and implement new technologies

    Innovating with Smart Panels doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice system stability or add complexity. Smart Panels employ tested, validated, and documented architectures. Plus, Schneider Electric specialists are always available for additional support.
  • Provide comprehensive product support

    Smart Panels provide you with the connectivity you need to support your energy management system from installation to day-to-day operation. Monitor remotely, provide better support during commissioning, and provide facility management services after installation.
  • Perform effective marketing and business planning

    Monitor your customers’ assets and offer timely maintenance, extensions, and upgrades. With Smart Panels, you’re able to see what your customers need and when they need it, giving you a competitive as a proactive partner for your customers.
  • Think big. Partner up.

    The Schneider Electric Partner Program provides software, tools, and educational resources you can use to stay on top of the latest trends and ahead of the competition.

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  • Introducing EcoStruxure Power

    IoT-connected solutions ready to improve every aspect of power distribution systems. Give your customers total control with real-time data and smart analytics for predictive maintenance.

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