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    Energy Procurement

    Navigate complex global energy procurement markets to mitigate the risk of energy cost volatility and negotiate better contracts.

Our global experts have your energy procurement covered

Transform your business and bring it to the forefront of sustainability by speaking with one of our energy procurement specialists. Our global team can help scour the vast energy market to find the best tariffs and solutions for your business.
We begin by identifying strategic buying opportunities for all the facilities in your organisation. Our aim is to ensure your business is on the appropriate energy rate or tariff, has optimal contract terms and knows when and where the market is heading for a comprehensive energy risk management strategy. 
Need to improve your forecasting spend to ensure you buy energy smarter? Our energy procurement specialists are on hand to create more accurate budgets. They look at the past to help predict what your future energy spend will be. 
Our mission is to enable businesses to adopt a clean, renewable solution by employing an active energy management approach.

The hidden costs of energy have a significant impact on a company’s bottom line. Buy energy more intelligently, and businesses are better placed to succeed.

Comparatively low energy prices can undermine the fact that commodity costs, or the energy used to power a facility, accounts for less than 50% of a utility bill. However, the other half of the equation, non-commodity charges, continues to increase. Even in a time of low-commodity costs, companies with a more strategic approach to buying energy can save significantly on utility bills.

With energy and data flowing, not just off the grid, but increasingly onto the grid, today’s energy market is evolving faster than ever. At the same time, the steady decline of oil and energy prices has created a false sense of security for buyers. Convention and history dictate that the pendulum will eventually swing in the other direction, from stability to volatility. But in the meantime, organisations have to find ways to prepare and minimise their exposure to unstable markets and buy energy more cost-effectively.
In an era of increasing energy complexity, businesses need a more strategic, data-centric approach to cost containment. Understanding and tackling the hidden costs of energy will deliver immediate and substantial savings. To succeed, those who buy energy need to identify the environmental and renewable costs, distribution costs, and capacity and transmission costs, as well as energy commodity costs, to get a true picture of where their money goes, and how to buy energy for less.

Address your energy procurement challenges today

  • Achieve energy savings

    • Capture attractive market pricing 
    • Encourage energy supplier competition 
    • Negotiate best energy contract terms 
    • Recover energy invoice errors
  • Control operating costs

    • Anticipate market threats and opportunities 
    • Maintain costs within budget threshold 
    • Protect your position in global commodity markets 
    • Forecast energy budgets accurately
  • Monitor energy purchasing performance

    • Modify your energy portfolio in near real-time 
    • Know your financial goals are easily audited 
    • Visualise portfolio value and risk exposure 
    • Plan with site-level and enterprise-wide budgets

Explore more energy procurement resources and perspectives

Reviewing statistics on paper and tablet

With energy and data flowing, today's energy market is evolving faster than ever. There's more to your utility bills than you might realise. If you want to achieve energy savings, you must manage your energy complexity and prepare for the future. Find out where the hidden costs are in your bills.

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Achieve more energy and sustainability success

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