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  • Arc Flash Protection

    Arc Flash protection

    Create a robust set of practices for safe, electrical operation.

Sparks and fire

Arc Flash Protection

An arc flash is an electrical accident that creates a high-temperature explosion. It can vaporize surrounding metal, set fires, and result in severe burns. Although rare, arc flashes can have grave consequences so you need to ensure your people and site are always protected.

An arc flash can happen during abnormal use due to a corruption of isolation, or in circumstances involving animals, flooding, vibrations, or corrosion. Yet, it can also occur during commissioning or maintenance, rendering equipment unusable and forcing costly downtime with serious economic consequences. 

Prevent accidents and protect your site with our arc flash protection solutions for both safety and productivity.


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    Over 100 licensed Schneider Electric professionals around the world are here to provide in-depth experience in designing the best compliant architecture for your installation.
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    €10 billion industrial losses per year in the EU are due to power disruptions. Ensure the state of the art consulting engagement, for a safer, more reliable electrical distribution.
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    More than 3,000 assessments have been delivered with consistent expertise, tools, and deliverables to our customers all over the world.
  • Reduce shutdown risk, minimize damage, and optimize the maintenance effort

    • Passive protection (for most switchgear)
    • Active protection (combines numerous sensors to survey arc ignition at any place inside LV or MV switchgear)
    • The most advanced offer on the market enabling IEC 61850 communication, disturbance recording, and default discrimination capabilities
    • Compact design of arc flash protection ensuring quick installation
  • Compliance with the most stringent global regulations

    • Arc flash protection services to adhere and exceed NFPA 70E
    • Consistent and global service
  • Safety of your people and installation

    • Strategically-located professional engineers collectively registered to meet regional & national licensing requirements
    • Professional engineers with deep knowledge of power distribution and control equipment
    • Standardized methodology to complete arc flash analyses along with uniform reporting standards
    • Arc flash mitigation solutions provided through a variety of engineering and electrical distribution services
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