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Welcome to the Schneider Electric Website

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Select your ECOFIT solution

Find the best retrofit solution for your aging equipment. Schneider Electric's ECOFIT helps you define and implement the best solution evolvement, increasing performance and flexibility, while controlling aging infrastructures associated costs.
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Select your Ecofit solution

ECOFIT helps you implement the best in class solution evolvement

ECOFIT aims to extend the electrical equipment’s life cycle and to enhance its availability and operational reliability.

Modernization of MV Electrical Switchgear

Define and implement the best solutions, improving MV switchgear performance and flexibility, whilst controlling the costs associated with aging infrastructures.

Discover ECOFIT

Compliance with evolving industry standards and legislation

Our offer refers to a partial or complete replacement of old electrical equipment with new one. It aims to extend its lifespan, enhance availability and operational reliability. It includes the replacement of MV circuit breakers, protection relays, LV circuit breakers & drawers with new solutions compliant with the lasted IEC, ANSI/Nema or GOST standards.

Faster and more cost-effective modernization

Update your switchgear with a pre-engineered, tested and validated solution for fast and easy integration into the existing installation.

Greater peace of mind at all times

Rely on our tested solutions with the extended warranty for equipment from the original manufacturer with the world-class expertise in modernizing electrical switchgear.

Improved connectivity and sustainability

Our solutions update your switchgear, enabling you to leverage connected digital technology for operational efficiency while reducing environmental impact.

More sustainable operations

Replacing only aging and obsolete components means you can retain viable elements and reduce recycling costs.
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Build Smarter Electrical Substations by Mimicking Biology

Apply human biology to electrical installations, and mitigate the risk of a system shutdown. Learn about a variety of advantages with modernization solutions that equip substations with sensing technologies and connected digital features.
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What are Ecofit solutions?

Ecofit solutions refer to the partial or absolute replacement of old electrical gear with a new one. This includes the complete replacement of medium voltage circuit breakers, low voltage circuit breakers and drawers, and protection relays. The new solutions comply with updated IEC, GOST, or ANSI/NEMA standards and offer peace of mind during all times.

Schneider Electric’s Ecofit provides the best solution for all your old equipment. The state-of-the-art circuit breakers, contactor and protection relays enhance performance, curb ageing infrastructure costs, and extend the lifespan of your electrical distribution equipment.

Why choose Ecofit?

Ecofit is a constructive answer to all your old electrical equipment related concerns. It enhances longevity, keeps your equipment updated in accordance with the latest technology, and ensures compliance with the constantly evolving industry standards and legislation.

With Schneider Electric’s Ecofit solutions, you can modernize your switchgear with a pre-engineered and tested solution that seamlessly integrates into your existing installation. It enhances operational efficiency and reduces the environmental impact by reducing recycling costs by a significant margin. Shortlist and implement the best solution from our range of the finest retrofit solutions for your old equipment.