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    Vendor Managed Services

    Efficiently provision, coordinate and deliver seamless service execution for OEM and third-party critical infrastructure disciplines.

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You need to simplify the maintenance of your critical infrastructure. Efficient provisioning coordination and delivery of seamless service execution across all critical infrastructure disciplines is required for both OEM and third-party maintenance vendors. Vendor management services provide you with a single point of contact to establish optimal maintenance programs, schedule work activities, and provide follow-up coordination and reporting with a 24x7x365 hotline.

Data Center Life Cycle Services

Data Center Life Cycle Services
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    Our vendor management services provide you with a single point of contact who is the interface to multiple vendor service organizations to establish optimal maintenance programs, schedule work activities, and provide follow-up coordination and reporting. A 24x7x365 hotline is available for standard or emergency maintenance requests, providing dispatch and event coordination services.
  • Value Proposition

    • Single point of contact with data center expertise for all maintenance services
    • Preventive maintenance and emergency service scheduling and coordinating for all Schneider Electric and third party brands
    • Central procurement and management of vendor service agreements.
    • Standardized maintenance services scopes of work
  • Differentiation

    • Standardized, documented, and validated methodology leveraging automation tools and repeatable processes developed over 15 years
    • Centralized Source for comprehensive O&M coverage with the experience to proactively engage quality issues before they become a problem 
    • One-stop, industry leading solutions for the entire life-cycle of the data center
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Vendor managed services

The physical infrastructure systems of a data center are expected to continuously live up to the facility design's performance specifications even as a business and IT requirements change. Management's understanding of the data center life cycle phases and their interconnectedness helps ensure this happens. Understanding the bigger picture - what occurs in each of the phases, what the key management tasks are, what pitfalls exist, and how one phase impacts the next - can help organizations achieve their data center's cost, speed of deployment, availability and efficiency goals.


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    Maintenance Contract Management:
    For all facility equipment manufacturers and models

    Vendor Maintenance Scheduling:
    Scheduling and coordination of vendors

    Emergency Response:
    7x24x365 response hotline for emergency dispatch and escalation
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    Maintenance Planning:
    Application of standardized scopes of work for all maintenance activities.
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    Maintenance Support:
    Analysis of vendor service reports and coordination of follow-on corrective maintenance work

    Lower Total Cost of Ownership:
    Through optimization of the maintenance program, application of proven cost saving initiatives, and continuous innovation and improvement.

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