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    EcoStruxure™ Building Operation

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    • SmartStruxure Solution Brochure

      You can optimise your energy consumption, maintain a healthy and productive environment, update aging facilities, and gain anywhere, anytime access to your building systems. Learn more about our single solution for your complex needs in this overview brochure.

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    • SmartStruxure Solution Product Selection Guide

      Comprehensive catalog of SmartStruxure solution software, hardware and field controllers.

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    • Automation Server Specification Sheet

      An intelligent building hub. Network controller and server offers centralized control and database. Scalable from a single building to a global enterprise with support for 250 Automation Servers under the Enterprise Server.

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    • Enterprise Server Specification Sheet

      The core of the enterprise system. Manages and collects data from multiple Automation Servers; fully secure with seamless compatibility to Schneider Electric and third party devices through open protocols.

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    • WebStation Specification Sheet

      Portable operator interface for system access anytime, anywhere.

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    • WorkStation Specification Sheet

      Dedicated machine software for programming, engineering and operating functions.

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    Five Best Practices to Improve Building Management System (BMS) Cybersecurity

    Data breaches and other cyber crime cost companies billions each year worldwide, and the damage to brand reputation can be incalculable. Since hackers look for weakly defended systems to attack, this paper presents 5 cybersecurity “best practices” to mitigate system vulnerabilities.

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    Predictive Maintenance Strategy for Building Operations: A Better Approach

    Maintenance costs account for almost as large a percentage of a facility’s operating budget as energy expenses. But usually this money is spent inefficiently with a reactive “wait till it breaks” approach. This paper shows how a proactive, predictive maintenance approach coupled with analytics can reduce costs by up to 20%.

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