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Build your optimized micro data centers

Simplify your edge deployments with our Local Edge Configurator.

New NEMA and IP rated models

Our sealed NEMA and IP rated models protect your IT and OT and are perfect for harsh indoor environments.

Industrial edge computing for systems integrators

As Industry 4.0 takes hold, are you prepared to be your customers’ IT/OT consultant?

Select your micro data center by environment

Choose your micro data center series based on where it is going and its potential exposure to dust, moisture, and temperature changes.

3 flexible management options

Let us monitor and service

Let a partner manage

Ask your trusted partner for more information.

Do it yourself

See designs with partners

We collaborate with leading IT players and Aveva to create micro data centers made for industry 4.0 and IIoT. Take a look and imagine what we can do for you.

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What is Micro Data Center?

A micro data center is a compact modular data center structured for specified workloads. It consists of all the storage, networking, cooling, power, and other infrastructure necessary for a workload. MDCs bring data processing closer to the end-users and empower enterprises to expand their data center footprint.

Schneider Electric UK offers an exceptional range of micro data centers that can seamlessly fit any environment. The S, C, and R series provide enterprises with different levels of protection from security threats, temperature changes, dust, and moisture. Our self-contained enclosures for IT components simplify edge deployments.

How do Micro Data Centers work?

Micro Data Centers are usually shipped pre-assembled in a server rack. Once received, an IT professional would install any additional equipment and set up the power cables and networks. After this, the MDC can be directly connected to the main power or a new circuit in case of larger installations. Once the initial setup is complete, an IT professional would configure and monitor the equipment. Extensive MDC deployments necessitate configuration management tools as well as enterprise monitoring solutions.

Schneider Electric UK has a trained team of professionals who can help you monitor, service, and manage your micro data center installation.

What are the uses of Micro Data Centers?

Micro data centers can be used in a variety of industries to expedite deployment span, minimise costs, and reduce latency. Here are a few environments where MDCs can be seamlessly deployed.

• Office spaces: They can leverage MDCs to support connectivity and run corporate applications locally.
• Retail outlets: Retail stores can use MDCs to seamlessly run their security systems, cash registers, customer databases, and more.
• Modern banks: Financial bodies can make use of micro data centers to smoothen customer experience and facilitate banks to enhance their power and technological efficiency.