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    Smart Manufacturing

    Transforming manufacturing operations to improve profitability and yield while increasing flexibility.

    + Lifecycle Services

HMI and Data Integration

A complete automation solution that can deliver 40% efficiency gains in the face of changing business and market demands.

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Solution and Benefits

Based on the Wonderware System Platform — the world's only responsive, scalable platform for supervisory and IIoT applications that integrates the process with the enterprise — our solutions provide a collaborative, standards-based foundation that unifies people, processes and assets for continuous operational improvement and real-time decision support.

With the Wonderware System Platform, you will understand the intricacies of your operations like never before. You will make better decisions in real time, operate equipment more efficiently and collaborate more effectively across all departments.

Ethernet-Based Process Automation

Innovative process-control platform and device integration for better performance, transparency and flexibility.

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Solution and Benefits

The new high-end Modicon M580 Ethernet Programmable Automation Controller (ePAC) features redundant processors, native Ethernet and cybersecurity embedded in its core. It seamlessly connects Variable Speed Drives and other devices on Ethernet remote I/O bus, creating a fully integrated plant control architecture.

Modicon M580 ePAC gives you the power to design, implement and run processes with the benefits of open networking, helping you to:
> Prepare your plant for the future
> Boost your productivity
> Reduce downtime
> Evolve and scale your architectures

Smart Machines and Robotics

We provide effective automation for all kinds of food and beverage machines, and at every level of complexity.

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Solution and Benefits

From simple to complex, compact to modular — you will find the right solution for your machine or line, including the most demanding packaging lines developed by leading OEMs to deliver outstanding performance through integrated modular motion, safety and robotics.

Whatever your needs, our smart machine solutions help manage your main challenges, taking into account safety, connectivity, efficiency and flexibility.

Industrial Information Management

Transform your data into actionable knowledge to improve overall system performance.

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Solution and Benefits

Wonderware Information Management software analyses your data, down to the minutest detail, to discover the trapped value within your organisation.

We help you troubleshoot problems and identify trends to allow you to improve your operations. We enable enterprise-wide collaboration and reporting to eliminate geographic barriers to your success.

Manufacturing Operations Management

Multi-site IT platform aligns manufacturing IT/OT systems business-wide.

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Solution and Benefits

Wonderware Manufacturing Operations Transformation, a multi-site IT platform, provides best-in-class operations and performance for improved quality across your business.

Wonderware Manufacturing Operations Transformation aligns manufacturing IT/OT systems across the business to provide operational and business improvements.

Assets Performance Management

The most comprehensive enterprise APM solution provides a maximum economic return on your assets.

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Solution and Benefits

Avantis Asset Management solutions provide real-time condition-based monitoring, advance failure prediction and preventive maintenance management to help you exceed safety, reliability and performance goals through proactive maintenance executions.

The solution enables companies to:

> Reduce unscheduled downtime

> Increase asset utilisation

> Reduce maintenance costs

> Deliver maximum economic return on assets

Simulation and Augmented Reality

SimSci provides simulation software for complex process design, training and operational excellence.

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Solution and Benefits

Digitise your entire plant with the SimSci software suite to develop process simulation models that allow you to unlock profitability, maximise throughput and control costs throughout the entire plant lifecycle from design to operation and optimisation.

> Enable process yield improvement and reduction of capital investment costs.

> Increase production efficiency and quality with an operator trained on all of the aspects and possible situations of specific operations

> Allow safer operation while improving performance and productivity

Machines and Processes of the Future

Innovating for the optimisation of your most important process and machines.

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Solution and Benefits

We focus our resources on innovations for your industry, solving the most important challenges, from clean-in-place (CIP) efficiency to conveying systems' flexibility improvement.

Improve efficiency, sustainability and traceability of your process and machines.

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