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    Data Center Reference Designs

Select, compare and choose the optimal design that meets your data center needs.

A data center reference design is a validated and documented high level conceptual plan for how the physical infrastructure systems are configured and laid out for a given set of design parameters. Each design covers the facility power and cooling systems, as well as the IT space. Reference designs are an excellent planning tool to help project teams rapidly compare and contrast alternatives. By using validated concepts to determine your project's key design parameters such as capacity, redundancy, density, efficiency, budget, you can move more quickly into the detailed design phase with more confidence.

Each reference design comes with a Design Summary document (available through the online selector below) and an Engineering Package which is available by registering. The Engineering Package contains electrical and mechanical one lines, piping diagrams, dimensioned floor layouts, and an equipment list. Instructions for how to register are described on the last page of the Design Summary.

Data Center Reference Designs Library

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Reference Design Selector

Browse the Schneider Electric library of reference designs to select, compare and choose the optimal design that meets your data center needs.

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White Papers

  • White Paper #147 - Data Center Projects: Advantages of Using a Reference Design

    It is no longer practical or cost-effective to completely engineer all aspects of a unique data center. Re-use of proven, documented subsystems or complete designs is a best practice for both new data centers and for upgrades to existing data centers. Adopting a well-conceived reference design can have a positive impact on both the project itself, as well as on the operation of the data center over its lifetime. Reference designs simplify and shorten the planning and implementation process and reduce downtime risks once up and running. In this paper reference designs are defined and their benefits are explained.

Blog Posts

  • Blog: Optimizing your data center like a box of Legos

    For decades, Lego has remained ahead of the market curve by producing millions of plastic blocks that all fit together. With a similar go-to-market strategy, Reference Designs let you decide what works best for your data center requirements.
  • Blog: Customer Feedback on Our Data Center Reference Designs

    Many of our customers and partners are using reference designs to make quick and easy tradeoffs to figure out what they want to build. Many of them are being used as a foundation for the detailed design that will be ultimately built. Check out their feedback.
  • Reference Design Benefits Planning and designing a data center can be a challenge. Schneider Electric reference designs help.
  • An Overview of Schneider Electric Data Center Reference Designs How reference designs allow customers to make early trade offs in the data center planning phase.

    Featured Reference Design

    Many data center businesses have a need to grow, but fear speculative build or lack capital to take the next step. Whether you’re planning a new build, retrofit, or expansion on an existing facility, the flexibility of the power skids and IT pods detailed in Reference Design #21 allows for a range of configurations to be tailored to meet future needs.

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