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    Help your customers make the Wiser choice

    Residential Consumer Engagement

    Help your customers make the Wiser choice.

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Take control of the grid by engaging your customers.

Utilities want to give customers the tools, options and answers they need to be better informed about their energy usage and how it directly affects their monthly energy bills, as well as increase grid reliability and reduce carbon emissions.

  • Wiser solution

    Finally, a complete residential energy management solution tailored for your utility and personalized by your customers. Driven by innovative technology, Wiser helps you fulfill your energy efficiency and demand response initiatives while actively engaging your customers. Wiser is a single partner that empowers you to deliver on program requirements, strengthen customer trust and balance the grid.
  • Key benefits

    Wiser makes it easy for you to educate and engage your customers. Improve customer service and strengthen your brand by providing your customers with an easy-to-use system that will help them save money and improve efficiency.
  • Advantages

    Wiser empowers consumers to understand, and for the first time ever, participate in complex utility rate structures. By making energy use visible, consumers can now manage and reduce energy cost and improve efficiency and reduce their carbon footprint like never before. With Wiser’s easy-to-use interfaces, your customers feel in control. Wiser, the newest groundbreaking solution by Schneider Electric, is a platform of connected thermostats, cloud services, and digital interfaces designed from the ground up with utilities in mind. This platform actively engages consumers in your energy efficiency and peak demand initiatives creating a more effective and reliable grid. Wiser excels through a superior digital experience with intuitive thermostat controls, powerful weather forecasting and alerting, informative messaging, and customizable energy efficiency and peak demand experiences that foster a lasting conversation between the utility and the homeowner. All delivered through a unified digital experience across the thermostat, mobile, tablet, and web interfaces.