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Water: A critical factor

The metals industry has historically experienced challenges for effective water treatment because of its high water usage and process complexity.
  • Solutions

    • Water Analytics: Transform water data into actionable information.
    • Telemetry: Monitor and control operations such as water quality, water levels, and pumping across widely dispersed and/or inaccessible areas.
    • Mobility Inspection Tools: Use mobility tools for water inspections and rounds, especially at non-instrumented locations.
    • Sustainability Portal: Get a single picture of all water and sustainability projects and their performance for all your plants and sites.
  • Value Proposition

    Water management requires a holistic, enterprise-wide approach. Schneider Electric's portfolio of water strategies and solutions will give you all the tools necessary to leverage water as a business variable.
  • Differentiation

    • Customizable for specific needs.
    • Scalable from small plants to global operations.
    • An open platform for integration with third-party instruments and software.


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    Exceed your environmental objectives. Respond quickly to water incidents. Proactive monitoring.
  • Steel worker working at an open electric steel furnace in an industrial foundry, industrial automation, mineral processing
    Minimize dependence on external contractors for water data collection and analysis and reduce related costs. Improved quality and timeliness of water reporting.
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    Continuous improvement in water management.