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      Data Sheet Foxboro Multiphase Measurement

      Patented Foxboro multiphase measurement Net Oil & Gas Solution integrated multiphase skid for measuring onshore oil field well production allocation without the need for separating the oil, water and gas streams operating over a wide range of flow regimes. Read more
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      White Paper Multi-phase measurement in the upstream oil & gas industry

      This white paper describes a new approach to allocation and reservoir optimization to help drive more value in upstream oil & gas production operations Read more
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      Foxboro Capability Brochure

      Together, our offerings greatly improve your operation’s economic, safety, and environmental performance, while balancing the availability and utilization of all your assets: people, equipment, energy, and inventory. Read more
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      Industry Solution: Foxboro Instrumentation Solution Petroleum Refining

      Foxboro instrumentation enables leading Russian refiners automate to meet growing global demand for petroleum products. Read more
  • Case Studies

    Hydrocarbon Processing

    Veris Turns to Foxboro to Help Meet Demanding Customer Flow Measurement Requirements Read more

    Hanover Compressor Company: Upstream Oil & Gas

    Foxboro performs under pressure to provide Transmitters in eleventh hour for Energy Equipment Maker Read more

    Delta BioFuels, Inc.: Chemical Industry

    Foxboro Conductivity Sensing Sparks Automated, Efficient Biodiesel Fuel Processing Read more

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