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    Modeling AND Simulation, Operator Training, AND OptimiZation

Man inspecting the pipes, simulation and optimization, refining petrochemicals.


Pipeline companies strive to operate their pipelines with high safety levels (personnel, environment, and assets) and reliability (uptime), increased operational and cost efficiency, and continued regulatory compliance.
  • Solutions

    Advanced monitoring and simulation of pipelines to efficiently plan and manage the movement of oil and gas, while ensuring the pipeline is operated safely with the best leak detection. Hydraulically realistic training for all pipeline operations.

  • Value Proposition

    • Highly accurate tracking of product through your pipelines. 
    • Protecting pipelines using multiple leak detection methodologies. 
    • Qualify controllers using a realistic pipeline trainer. 
    • Schedule, validate and optimize your pipeline operation.
  • Differentiation

    • Tools to prevent, detect and mitigate pipeline leaks. 
    • Realistic controller training using a replica of your system. 
    • Pipeline Scheduling that works the way a scheduler operates.
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Amid increasing demand, environmental pressures, and potential security threats, the primary concern of hydrocarbon pipeline operators and gas distribution networks remains the same -- to ensure safe, reliable, and compliant operations, 24/7 -- while managing energy costs and minimizing time and installation costs. Schneider Electric consistently delivers integrated end-to-end pipeline management and operation solutions that help operators worldwide achieve their goals.


  • Operators in power station control room working with technical challenges, sustainability reporting.
    • Ensure your controllers have the experience to manage normal and abnormal operations. 
    • Have confidence that your operations exceed regulatory compliance and best practices surrounding control room management and operator training.
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    • Understand the holistic view of the cause of leaks from prevention to mitigation.
    • Enable leak detection that is best fit for your operating environment.
  • Sunrise over pipeline through snow and mountains, oil and gas.
    • Reduce energy cost and emissions. Optimize capacity and utilization, and streamline schedule changes.

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