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    Private Cloud

    An integrated physical infrastructure building block to power your virtualized environment.

  • Mercy Health: Beyond the Digital Hospital Mercy Health is a cutting-edge health care organization that has partnered with Schneider Electric for all of their data center needs over the past six years. Working with Schneider Electric enabled Mercy to shift their business model from a hospital supported by a data center, to a data center system supporting hospitals.
  • How Can FlexPod and FlexPod Express help organizations become more energy efficient? David O'Comin of Schneider Electric explains the key benefits FlexPod Express and FlexPod with Schneider Express bring to customers with respect to improved energy efficiency and manageability.
  • NetShelter CX Server Room Delivered in an Instant How simple is deployment of a server room? Well delivery time certainly doesn't account for much. See how simple and easy the NetShelter CX Server Room in a Box cabinet is delivered in this short delivery video.
  • How does Schneider Electric add Value to FlexPod and FlexPod Express David O'Coimin of Schneider Electric explains the value that Schneider Electric's infrastructure brings to customers with the FlexPod and FlexPod Express solutions that take a strong product and further enhances it for customers.
  • Flexpod Wrapped with Schneider Electric At Schneider Electric we’ve taken both the FlexPod and the FlexPod Express, and surrounded them with the right value adding Rack Systems elements, which will help position them quickly, into the right environments, growing the value of the sale, and protecting the end-users investment.
  • World's Smallest Server Room - NetShelter CX The NetShelter CX is challenging perceptions with it's Secure, Soundproofed Server Room in a Box flexible cabinet solution for open office environments. The CX eliminates the need for costly, large, invasive network closets or server rooms for office environments.

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