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    Services for Wastewater Networks

    Our services, from field maintenance to energy management, extend the lifecycle of assets.

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    City of Clute

    The city of Clute, Texas leveraged a performance contract from Schneider Electric to pay for the upgrade of its ageing infrastructure.

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    Installation Assessment

    The success of any safety system implementation extends beyond just designing, building and testing the system. Our team of experts provides site services to ensure the successful startup and handover of the system. We help you identify and understand your risks, potential consequences and the level of protection needed to manage and mitigate them.

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    Solutions and Benefits

    Reduce risk, improve performance and ensure reliability and availability. A plant-wide electrical network assessment to define an improvement and risk management programme.

    > Have a resilient installation at all times 

    > Optimise investments and guarantee a long-lasting installation 

    > Plan your maintenance 

    > Anticipate the future

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    Field Maintenance and Modernisation

    An estimated 5 to 10 arc flashes occur each day in the United States. Many of these arc flashes are due to a lack of maintaining or repairing equipment or inadequate employee training, including operator error.

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    Solutions and Benefits

    Incorporating arc flash mitigation strategies lessens the potential for an arc flash event. Schneider Electric—a recognised leader in promoting electrical workplace safety and helping companies comply with the requirements of NFPA 70E—is uniquely qualified to keep you and your employees safe.

    > Preventive maintenance plans 

    > 24/7 hotline with expert assistance 

    > Emergency on-site intervention 

    > Emergency spare part delivery 

    > Online asset management 

    > Spare parts management

    Monitoring Service

    Predict, track and remedy site problems in a timely and efficient manner with a primary or secondary level of support.

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    Solutions and Benefits

    Achieve true peace of mind with a service that catches potential issues before they become significant, by reducing operational and management complexity while freeing up internal resources.

    > Improve a solution's safety

    > Increase overall performance

    > Ensure availability and reliability

    Energy and Sustainability

    Increase corporate transparency to meet your energy and sustainability goals.

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    Solutions and Benefits

    Implement unique process enhancements, apply the right automation and control technologies and evaluate the status of major power-consuming equipment through energy assessments.

    > Enhance your performance

    > Create efficiency with your operation and energy usage

    > Comply with current and future regulations

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