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    Data Center Life Cycle Services

    Enabling safe, efficient, and available data centers.

  • Data center life cycle

    Running your data center doesn't have to be hard. Our data center life cycle services simplify your work every day.

  • White paper Data center life cycle management fundamentals

    For each phase of your data center’s life cycle, you must take proper care and action to continuously meet the business needs of the facility. This paper describes the five phases of the data center life cycle, identifies key tasks and pitfalls, and offers practical advice to facility owners and management.

    Fundamentals of Managing the Data Center Life Cycle for Owners
    Man handling the data center management in the server room, data center services, data center operations.
  • Why use our life cycle services at your data center?

    Data centers are central to your business value and many of you are using them to gain a competitive advantage. How do you ensure your business success?

    A Schneider Electric employee showing sustainability reporting to a man in the server room with data centers, data center management.


    Your business issues are unique, and the role that data centers play in your business success has never been more important. Data centers are dynamic and constantly evolving. You need a complete service solution to optimize your data center from planning to operations, regardless of where you are in the life cycle.
    Two men in power station control room reviewing big data analytics, sustainability reporting.

    End-to-end Data Center Life Cycle Services

    Whether you need planning assistance to align your data center with business requirements, an initial assessment of your existing efficiency profile, remote management, or facilities operations and maintenance, Schneider Electric Data Center Life Cycle Services can help make your data center available, efficient, and safe throughout its life cycle.

    Why work with us

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      Get support at any phase

      From initial assessment through facility operations and maintenance, we can help make your data center available, efficient, and safe throughout its life cycle.

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      Engage with us at any point

      Whether you require services in one phase or throughout the complete life cycle, Schneider Electric offers solutions customized to your business needs.


    • Default Alternative Text Assess: Get the best return for your money. Using supply- and demand- side assessments, we address all your challenges with automation tools and best practices developed over 45 years.
    • Default Alternative Text Plan: Using proven methodology and automation tools, we provide expert assistance for your project to determine optimal costs, criticality, performance, timing, regulatory compliance, or sustainability.
    • Default Alternative Text Design: Meet your performance and safety needs. Our customizable design services leverage unparalleled expertise and an extensive design library to meet your basic to detailed needs.
    • Default Alternative Text Build: Finish on time and on budget. From basic assembly, integration, commissioning, and start-up to on-site project management, our systematic approach reduces risk, compacts schedules, and minimizes costs.
    • Default Alternative Text Operate: Simplify operations and minimize downtime. We provide more maintenance, operation, monitoring, and optimization services than anyone else.
    • Default Alternative Text Leverage our network of 7,000 globally trained specialists, with 45 years of applied experience.

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