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    Large Data Centers

    Large Data Centers

    Solutions for the life cycle of your Data Center greater than 1 MW

  • T5 Data Centers

    In this customer testimonial video, the President & CEO T5 Data Centers discusses their data center setup, and why they chose Schneider Electric as their infrastructure partner.

  • Cool solutions in a cool location

    Schneider Electric has installed the first EcoBreeze system in the Americas! See how the new flagship colocation facility from Cogeco Data Services, in Barrie Ontario, is using our equipment to keep their equipment cool.

  • Cool & efficient colocation

    DataBank's data center colocation facility is keeping cool and becoming more efficient with data center solutions from Schneider Electric.

  • Beyond the digital hospital

    Mercy Health is a cutting-edge health care organization that has partnered with us for all of their data center needs over the past six years. Working with Schneider Electric enabled Mercy to shift their business model from a hospital supported by a data center, to a data center system supporting hospitals.

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    You need a data center that keeps up with the explosive pace of cloud based business and big data today. It needs to be reliable, efficient and scalable, while keeping your data secure. You need to monitor and control your entire physical infrastructure by automating and integrating data center management to drive business performance.
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    Large Data Centers

    Data center physical infrastructure for data centers greater than 1 MW capacity.

    Why work with us?

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      Full-service data center solutions

      Schneider Electric is the leading full-service data center solutions provider from rack to row to room to building.

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      Large data centers

      Our simplified and enhanced approach improves cost, speed, performance, availability, scalability and efficiency.

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