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    System Maintenance

    Schneider Electric commissioning and maintenance solutions decrease time to diagnose and repair issues

Proactive Asset Maintenance

The Foxboro Evo process automation system encourages maintenance teams to move from a reactive to proactive culture. Count on an integrated toolset, contextualized alerts and guided workflow to prevent incidents before they happen, while maximizing plant uptime.
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    Your plant’s operational uptime depends on the health of many types of instruments from multiple vendors. The Foxboro Evo Maintenance Suite offers an integrated tool belt to help you commission, configure and maintain your field devices throughout the life cycle of your plant - no matter the device type, vendor or protocol. Get your plant online faster with intuitive commissioning wizards that take the guesswork and manual drudgery out of device commissioning. Shift your operations to a predictive maintenance model to help spot problems before they happen, and quickly take corrective action without downtime. Perform diagnostics directly from workstations for safe and quick analysis and remediation.

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  • Benefits and features

    • Faster time to production, faster time to repair
    • Standardization and cost reduction
    • Reduce wasted and duplicate maintenance efforts
    • Plant-wide device integration
    • Incident prevention and analysis
    • Manage and track maintenance performance
  • Solution features

    • Intuitive device commissioning wizards, global deployment template inheritance and change propagation
    • Combined single repository between DCS and field devices
    • Ability to do quicker troubleshooting and problem resolution through built-in field device management, which supports all major protocols
    • Advanced diagnostics written specifically for your device by those who know it best - a vendor with embedded DTMs or EDD
    • Contextualized maintenance alerts and guided workflows to improve prioritization
    • Work order integration and employee performance tracking
    • Mobile reporting, dashboards and analytics

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