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    Building automation isn't just for large buildings anymore.

    Smart Energy Management for Small-to-Medium Size Buildings

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Energy consumption and waste per square foot is a significant concern, no matter what size building you operate. And, studies show that most commercial buildings waste up to half the energy they consume. Large buildings have enjoyed the benefits of building automation for years. But, what about buildings with a smaller footprint? That kind of technology has been too expensive or too complex. Until now…

SmartStruxure Lite solution, powered by StruxureWare™ Building Expert

SmartStruxure Lite solution, powered by StruxureWare™ Building Expert
  • Solutions

    SmartStruxure Lite solution has leveled the BMS playing field. An affordable solution designed for buildings with a smaller footprint, SmartStruxure Lite delivers immediate energy savings while enhancing comfort. Finally, you too can enjoy the same benefits found in large-scale building management systems.
  • Value Proposition

    • Control your energy cost while improving comfort - our experts will become your trusted business partner.
    • State-of-the-art solution for maximizing efficiency and your carbon footprint.
    • Cost-effective solution that grows with your business – so your investment is protected.
  • Differentiation

    • Award-winning solutions for small and medium businesses.
    • A proven and quick return on investment.
    • Industry-leading wireless technology reduces complexity while adding scalability.
    • Built-in features enable data analyses for preventative measures today and tomorrow.
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Smart Energy Management for Any Size Building

Smart energy management for any size building is not only possible. It’s scalable. Here is just a snapshot of what Schneider Electric's building solution portfolio offers:
  • Simple yet efficient HVAC management through application-specific room controllers.
  • Wireless technology offers central visibility of your HVAC system through SmartStruxure Lite solution.
  • Integrated lighting control coupled with occupancy sensors ensures proactive energy management.
  • Visibility and control across your multi-site enterprise offered in the cloud-based Building Insights solution.
  • Scalability that grows with your business as wireless technology networks SmartStruxure Lite into our larger BMS, SmartStruxure solution.
  • Full integration of HVAC and lighting control through a hotel PMS for guestroom control and an enhanced guest experience.


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    • Flexible. Meeting the unique needs of your building
    • Cost-effective. Affordable with low installation costs and quick ROI
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    • Non-intrusive. Wireless technology means minimal disruption
    • Easy retrofit. No new wiring equals an ideal solution for existing buildings
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    • Efficient. Tailored for new construction requirements
    • Scalable. Open standards allows for a future-proof solution