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    Building new or expanding?

    A life cycle approach considers all sub-systems while designing a data center build-out. Planning your power and mechanical systems is as critical to achieving efficiency and reliability as planning your IT space.

Future-proofing your design

  • The Data Center Life Cycle Life can be hard but running your data center doesn't have to be — at least when you use Schneider Electric's Data Center Life Cycle Services.
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    Fundamentals of managing the data center lifecycle for owners For each phase of the data center’s life cycle, proper care and action must be taken to continuously meet the business needs of a facility. Download the white paper
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    3 Money draining mistakes to avoid in your next data center build If business managers in your organization view your data center as an energy-hungry, money-draining, space-eating entity rather than an efficient, business-critical facility, perhaps you are suffering from one or more money draining data center mistakes. Read the blog
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    When Stuff Hits the Fan: Preparing for emergencies Data center operations and maintenance teams must be prepared to act swiftly and surely without warning. Unforeseen problems can lead to injury or downtime. Good preparation and process, however, can quickly and safely mitigate the impact of emergencies and help prevent them from happening again. Read the blog
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    Top 10 mistakes in data center operations: Operating efficient and effective data centers How can you avoid making major mistakes when operating and maintaining your data center(s)? The key lies in the methodology behind your operations and maintenance program. All too often, companies put immense amounts of capital and expertise into the design of their facilities. However, when construction is complete, data center operations are an afterthought. Download the whitepaper
  • Taking control of Building & Power Selecting a Building Management System (BMS) for sites with a data center or IT room.

    Discover how an onsite data center or IT room uniquely alters the requirements of your building management system (BMS).

    Explore BMS options
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  • Taking control of Building and Power Embedded power management in action

    Power monitoring (EPMS) enables building management, operations and maintenance teams who are not electrical experts to see how different building systems and equipment affect the electrical system. It also highlights how different systems and equipment affect each other. This visibility allows facilities staff to detect and resolve problems more quickly, minimize electrical waste, and operate the building more efficiently.

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    • Introducing BMS and EPMS for data centers Integrated power management solutions for power-critical facilities

      Maximize the reliability and efficiency of your power network with EPMS.

      Download the brochure
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    • Introducing BMS and EPMS for data centers Managing data centers beyond the IT room

      Facility management powered by StruxureWare Building Operation for Data Centers.

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