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    Where will you put your next server?

    Managing your data center has many benefits. Visibility is most important for providing the basis of fact-based decision-making. Discover the possibilities DCIM delivers.

  • Hybrid IT Management 451 Research study for enterprise leaders

    Based on intensive, in-depth interviews with infrastructure leaders at large enterprises from across the globe, the study provides invaluable insights to C-suite, data center and IT executives, empowering them to manage a rapidly-evolving hybrid IT landscape.

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  • Discover what DCIM can help you achieve 10 real world scenarios where DCIM matters

    Whether you're unfamiliar with DCIM's benefits, or you're already considering implementing it, watch this interesting and informative whiteboard video to learn how DCIM will make an essential difference in your data center.

  • Gain visibility to optimize your data center Resistance is futile: Comply with DCOI or be assimilated

    Our guidance to U.S. Federal government agencies on how to comply with new federal data center mandates.

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  • Gain visibility to optimize your data center How DCIM fits in every data center

    In this blog we discuss how, by providing a holistic view across the data center and facility, data center management tools provide the visibility and tools needed to manage resources and optimize and control performance.

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  • Gain visibility to optimize your data center Kicking Kafka out of data center operations

    With a tenant portal, customers are saying goodbye to the bad old days where they contracted for space, power and cooling – but didn’t really know exactly what they were paying for.

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        Plan your success: How DCIM software improves planning and cuts operation cost

        Through a series of examples, learn how data center infrastructure management (DCIM) software tools can simplify operational processes, cut costs, and speed up information delivery. Download the white paper

    Improve efficiency across the board

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      DCIM vs the spreadsheet Today we need to address not only the way that we provide infrastructure, but also the way that we manage it. In this blog we address questions about the appropriateness of the DCIM tools we should be using. Get the facts
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      Getting good directions on your drive to successful DCIM implementation As with any journey, it all starts with planning. In this blog we address the first steps, best route, and end points to your DCIM journey. Check out the blog
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      DCIM and ITSM: There’s complexity, then there’s complexity Understand the value of IT Service Management software (ITSM) and DCIM, and the importance of integrating them. Check out the blog
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      Getting a holistic view of the data center Click through this interactive infographic to explore DCIM in action and learn about its control over each piece of the data center. View the infographic
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      The Tenant Portal; A win for the customer is a win for everybody In this blog we discuss the benefits which an online service, such as Schneider Electric’s Tenant Portal, can provide to both the colocation customer and the colocation service provider. Check out the blog
    • CenturyLink drives operational efficiencies With DCIM, there is visibility down to the device within the rack and this helps automate monitoring processes that were once manually driven. Joel Stone, VP of CenturyLink, explains the many benefits of implementing a DCIM solution.

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