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    Integrating your systems?

    Know how to integrate your mechanical, electrical and IT systems? Don’t worry. WE DO!

  • How to bridge the gap between IT and facilities

    Have you ever had to explain a technical concept to someone who was decidedly non-technical? It can be a difficult chore, but that’s exactly the task that has been tackled in this data center management eBook.

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5 benefits of integrating IT and facilities systems

  • Challenges of data consolidation Part I: Ensuring network connectivity

    Our data center services team brings you a three-part series on the challenges of data consolidation. Part one will cover network connectivity and all the complexity and challenges that come along with needing to remain connected at all times.

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  • Challenges of data consolidation Part II: Choosing the right transfer methodology

    In part II of this series, our data center services team covers the different data transfer methodologies that are used in the industry and the advantages and disadvantages of each.

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  • Challenges of data consolidation Part III: Normalizing the data

    The last installment of this three-part series deals with data normalization and the alignment process of taking one piece of data and loading it to a destination.

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    • Don’t isolate DCIM from other management systems One key to long-term DCIM utilization and overall ROI is ensuring it is accessible to other systems and platforms.
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      Mr. Facility and IT, tear DOWN this wall! DCIM, BMS and EPMS tools can work together to improve management and monitoring. Check out the blog
    • Towards 100% visibility 8 steps for successful data integration

      Discover how integrating various software systems delivers improved access to data that wasn’t easily accessible.

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