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    Receive expertise to meet your performance and safety needs.

    Data Center Life Cycle Services: Design

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You need to meet performance and safety requirements in the data center. Whether you need a single component, data infrastructure management, security or an entire data center, our customizable design services leverage unparalleled expertise to meet your needs.

Data center life cycle services

Data Center Life Cycle Services
  • Solutions

    Our comprehensive solutions for the data center include design characteristics for efficiency and density, floor plan specification for the entire data center, installation details and project details.
  • Benefits

    Our end-to-end data center expertise is comprised of proven methodologies, robust design tools and an extensive library of reference designs. This makes it fast, simple and cost effective to develop your customized data center design. We have over 7,000 trained specialists who are ready to help you with your unique design needs.
  • The Difference

    • An extensive library of data center reference designs 
    • Our specialists design data infrastructures daily
    • Worldwide relationships with local AHJ (Authority Having Jurisdiction)
    • Our timeframe is approximately 30 days or less for the complete design process
Two engineers discussing data center operations


Physical infrastructure systems are expected to continuously live up to the facility design's performance specifications even as business and IT requirements change. Management's understanding of the data center life cycle phases and their interconnectedness helps ensure this happens. Understanding the big picture and what key tasks are and how one phase impacts the next can help organizations achieve their efficiency goals.


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    • Reduced costs
    • Full and partial specification preparation
    • Reference design library 
  • Man handling the data center management in the server room, data center services, data center operations.
    • High-efficiency architecture designs 
    • Prefabricated options to simplify the design process
  • man and women talk about energy management in a data center
    • Assistance in solving business and technical challenges
    • Design assistance from all areas including electrical design, security, and IT room physical infrastructure

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