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    Providing comprehensive electrical system intelligence for your data center.

    StruxureWare™ Power Monitoring

    Providing comprehensive electrical system intelligence for your data center.

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To ensure your infrastructure can reliably operate, while still minimizing energy costs and making the most of your current assets, you need a power monitoring system with deep insight into the operation of your electrical infrastructure.
  • Solutions

    StruxureWare™ Power Monitoring saves you money by helping your team quickly identify problem areas. It connects seamlessly to your electrical assets, which provides a layer of intelligence across your energy enterprise, and in turn helps you meet your financial and operational goals.
  • Value Proposition

    StruxureWare™ Power Monitoring is part of an architecture which unites power, data centers, process and machines, building control, and physical security to enable intelligent energy management solutions. This allows you to optimize energy efficiencies across multiple domains of your business.
  • Differentiation

    • Centralized system with distributed intelligence that optimizes facility performance.
    • Easy-to-use system with robust functionality.
    • StruxureWare's vendor-neutral functionality allows you to add additional applications incrementally, while a "plug and play" design ensures applications will connect seamlessly.
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  • Man is able to monitor the energy management software from a tablet in the server room, sustainability reporting, data centre management, internet of things.
    • Identify and track over-subscribed capacity (e.g., UPS, generators, switchboards).
    • Identify redundancy comprised IT branch circuits.
    • Identify power equipment maintenance needs.
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    • Perform and document regular power equipment testing.
    • Perform root cause analysis on electrical distribution system events (partial and full outages) to help reduce the probability of recurrent events.
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    • Quickly receive critical power system alarms.
    • View the critical alarm history sequenced by time to create an action plan to resolve issues.