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    Power protection and management solutions from home to data center to industrial environments.

    Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)

  • Nevada Supreme Court: APC-No Reason to Look at Anything Else Through frequent power outages, the Nevada Supreme Court doesn't lose a beat thanks to a power backup plan anchored by our UPS systems. Fred Aker, network specialist with the Supreme Court, stopped by the our booth at the Interop 2014 event in Las Vegas and explained how their court has come to rely on the systems for both its data center and desktop backup requirements.
  • Mobile Public Schools: APC-Keeps Running Through Frequent Electrical Storms When you work in an area that experiences 22 lightning storms per month, you had better take steps to protect your computing and network equipment from power outages. George Mitchell, Supervisor for the Mobile County Public Schools in Alabama, does just that. He uses our SmartUPS uninterruptible power supply systems to protect Cisco switches that support voice over IP and Web connections in the district’s 90 schools. Learn more from this video interview with Mitchell from the Interop 2014 event in Las Vegas.
  • Bob Hope Airport: APC Helps Keep 4 Million People Moving Safely, 24/7

    Airport data centers fall squarely into the realm of critical infrastructure – ask anyone flying in a plane that’s attempting to land at one. But it’s not just the data centers that support air traffic control and other airport systems that need backup power. Everything from the runway lighting to the wall-mounted defibrillators located throughout the airport need it too. To address those requirements, Rudy Barrow, Director of IT at Bob Hope Airport in Burbank, Calif., uses a series of our UPS systems that ensure the airport can survive the sort of power interruptions that are not uncommon in California. Here he explains the varied requirements of his environment and why our have long been his UPS of choice.

  • Security Central: Maintaining 100% Reliability for Security Monitoring

    Ensuring reliable backup power requires not only selecting the right equipment, but testing it regularly to ensure it works as planned. Brett Springall, managing director of the alarm system monitoring company Security Central, does just that. In addition to using our UPSs to complement his backup generators, he tests the setup every week. Check out the video to learn more about how Springall’s company has survived three power outages in a year with “no downtime whatsoever.”

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