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    Booster Multi Drive for Industry & Infrastructure

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Your business issues are unique.

Flexibility in connectivity is a key issue. And, energy-efficient systems are very important, as your customers are focused on energy optimization.

You need to develop an Industry and Infrastructure booster that features stronger functionalities, diagnostics, and protection, with flexible and scalable I/Os.

Our experts help you throughout the entire machine life cycle.

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  • Solutions

    Schneider offers a powerful solution for boosters with multiple pumps, which require maximum flexibility and scalability alongside a higher level of functionality.

    Our solution offers flexibility to connect to different systems, while a combination of power meters, drives, and energy efficiency-related functions optimizes the system.

  • Value Proposition

      • A complete, cost-optimized solution
      • Don't start from scratch. Use TVDAs to start the application.
      • Don't program. Use pre-developed, easily configurable macro function blocks to develop your application.
      • Embedded pumping functions like cavitation protection, pump stage and de-stage, PID, and others.
      • Increase scalability with logic controller Modicon M251, M241 and Magelis SCU using a wide range of I/Os.
      • Improve cost-efficiency with the Magelis SCU built-in display.
      • Connect everywhere. Built-in multiple connectivity options provide seamless connectivity to the other control and monitoring systems
      • Remote wireless access – through web visualization – to smart devices, cloud solutions and the Internet.
  • Differentiation

      • Multiple pump management, using a drive for each pump.
      • Energy efficient without drops in performance.
      • Maintains constant pressure in the system with PID, pump stage, and de-stage-related functions.
      • Advanced diagnostics for each pump, for easy maintenance.
      • Embedded booster and pump protection, using features like cavitation protection.
      • Operates smaller (auxiliary) pumps to maintain lower flow requirement.

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