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    Single Drive Booster for Industry and Infrastructure

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Your business issues are unique.

You need to develop a cost-efficient booster for Industry and Infrastructure. You are determined to offer an easy-to-use system with diagnostics.

Our experts help you throughout the entire machine life cycle.

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  • Solutions

    With the all-in-one Magelis SCU, you have the architecture to create a cost-efficient solution. Our simple, standard boosters for Industry and Infrastructure are the first step toward automation, moving away from traditional relay architectures. Single-drive boosters can be used in single- or multi-drive mods.

  • Value Proposition

    • A complete, cost-optimized solution.
    • Don't start from scratch. Use TVDAs to start the application.
    • Don't program. Use pre-developed, easily configurable macro function blocks and templates to develop your application.
    • Single-drive, multiple pump switching to optimize energy consumption.
    • Embedded pumping functions like cavitation protection, pump stage and de-stage, PID, and others.
    • Increased flexibility with logic controller M241 and HMI controller Magelis SCU, and a reduced panel size.
    • Built-in multiple connectivity options provide seamless connectivity to other control and monitoring systems. 
    • Remote wireless access - through web visualization - to smart devices, cloud solutions and the Internet.
  • Differentiation

    • Capable of managing multiple pumps using one drive.
    • Maintains constant pressure in the system with PID, pump stage and de-stage-related functions.
    • Diagnostic features for easy maintenance.
    • Embedded booster and pumps protection.
    • Operates smaller (auxiliary) pumps to maintain lower flow requirement.

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