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    Compact / CANopen / HMI Controller SCU

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Your business issues are unique.

To keep customers satisfied, you need to supply machines that are safer, energy-efficient and reliable, at a reduced cost, and with shorter lead-times. TVDAs can help you to quickly build an automation solution, from machine design and engineering, to installation and documentation. Reduce the time needed for design, installation, and commissioning with these flexible, functionally validated, ready-to-use architectures

Our experts help you throughout the entire machine life cycle.

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  • Solutions

    • The Compact / CANopen / HMI Controller SCU TVDA is designed for machines that require a space-efficient control solution, with the openness and flexibility offered by a fieldbus application. The 5.9” HMI with integrated logic controller provides maximum functionality with easy installation. The system includes variable-speed and servo drives connected to CANopen.
    • Full remote access is supported for programming, remote operation and monitoring. For machine safety, the system provides machine emergency and device stop solutions using standalone Preventa safety modules.
    • The architecture is designed for material working, pumping, and material handling applications, but is also suitable for other machine types that require a compact HMI controller solution for openness and flexibility.
  • Value Proposition

    • Scalable and flexible systems for creating economical solutions.
    • Openness and flexibility with various connectivity options.
    • Ready-to-use architectures with preconfigured PLC and HMI project templates.
    • Comprehensive system documentation with component list and wiring diagrams.
    • Device ModulesTM for quick and easy system adaptation.
    • One software package to set up and maintain the entire system.
    • Embedded visualization functions featuring platform-neutral, user-defined web pages.
    • Full remote access for programming, operation, and monitoring.
  • Differentiation

    • Unique TVDA solutions to minimize effort at every stage of the development process.
    • Ready-to-use architecture with a high level of pre-fabrication for quick design and setup of the automation system.
    • Full interoperability and high system reliability based on Schneider Electric best-in-class products and extensive functional validation of the architecture.

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