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    Power Outage Insight Solution

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In facilities where uninterrupted power is highly critical for people and equipment safety, building operators need an intuitive power management system to keep the whole site functioning smoothly. These facilities run on tight budgets and may have restricted options for complex and expensive power management systems and service contracts. In addition, facility personnel may not have the relevant skills or information to schedule periodic maintenance or conduct a safe and swift power recovery in the event of power incidents.
  • Solutions

    Power Outage Insight Solution acts as a 24/7 in-house electrical expert, supporting facility personnel in daily operations and emergency situations to maximize access to safe electricity.

    An integrated solution with no additional software required, the Power Outage Insight Solution monitors electrical distribution systems and schedules predictive maintenance for minimizing unexpected downtime, and can be easily implemented in new sites or retrofitted into existing electrical systems..

    In case of a power failure, the integrated software  performs real-time diagnostics to quickly identify the source of the problem and provides concise and easy-to-follow power restoration instructions to the staff. It also features an alarm management system alerting the users of appropriate course of action through SMS/email messages based on the predetermined criticality level.

    A short circuit tester lets the staff safely detect the presence of short circuit. Another protection feature is the wireless breaker closing control, a remote control device that allows users to close the breakers from a safe distance.

  • Value Proposition

    Power Outage Insight Solution provides the optimum data for taking informed actions and proactive decisions. In the event of power outage, the solution quickly identifies the source of the problem for facility staff to safely conduct power recovery.

  • Differentiation

    Schneider Electric is the global specialist in energy management, and a major player in the building market with deep expertise in power solutions.


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