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    Our proposition

    Discover the unique, supportive habitat that lets great people thrive.

  • Meaningful purpose

    We’re committed to providing reliable and safe energy to the planet. This energy must be sustainable as we have to reduce carbon footprint worldwide. These opportunities are at the top of our agenda.

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  • Unique company

    An outstanding company is only as outstanding as its people. That’s why we appreciate the wide diversity and individuality that being a global entity brings. We want to work with people who have stories to tell. Our network of distinct professionals is what makes us the global leader in energy management and automation.

    Who we are
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  • Unique company We ensure Life Is On

    From the moment you're up, so are we. You don't have to look too hard. Our technology is everywhere. Discover Life Is On.

  • Unique company The song that saved the world

    Meet the star of our new film: an electrical engineer, in an ordinary hospital, who has powers beyond his imagination.

  • Unique company Just a facility manager?

    We beg to differ. See how a hero facility manager and a lovable llama teamed up to make a little girl’s dreams come true.

    • Inclusive

      We want to be the most diverse, inclusive and equitable company, globally.
      We value differences, and welcome people from all walks of life.
      We believe in equal opportunities for everyone, everywhere.

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    • Empowered

      Freedom breeds innovation.
      We believe that empowerment generates high performance, personal fulfillment and fun.
      We empower our people to use their judgment, do the best for our customers, and make the most of their energy.

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    • Well-being

      Well-being was defined is a 2020 strategic priority of Schneider Electric embracing a holistic view: physical, mental, emotional and social well-being. For us well-being is about being healthy, being happy and making the most of your energy at work and at home.

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    • Well-being

      Our Well-being program has been developed by involving all employees at the outset through a worldwide crowdsourcing initiative. Resulting in 5 key action areas:
      • Health & Wellness: encourage healthy behaviors & lifestyles 
      • Flexibility at Work: for a better work-life integration
      • Cool Sites: attractive & energizing workplaces
      • Leaders: top 2000 leaders of the company trained in well-being best practice
      • Culture: well-being embedded into our DNA

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      • High performance

        We reward our people for being straightforward, open, passionate, effective, and challenging the status quo. We transform the industries of our expertise, leaving our distinctive mark with reliable solutions.

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      • High performance

        We transform the industries of our expertise, leaving our distinctive mark with reliable solutions. How do we maintain this high standing and reputation? We’re customer obsessed. Our people are rewarded for being innovative, quick, and ingenious … with the customer always as their central motivation.

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        • Authentic leadership

          Leaders inspire great action, and we’re looking for great leaders. The continuing development of exceptional employees is the task of such people. Our progressive thought-leadership in the domains of energy, efficiency, sustainability, and automation is part of what gives us our global voice.

          Executive Committee
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        • Authentic leadership A global influencer

          Jean-Pascal Tricoire, Schneider Electric’s Chairman and CEO, is one of the first business leaders of CAC 40 companies to have joined the ranks of LinkedIn influencers (capped at 500 worldwide). LinkedIn influencers include Bill Gates and Richard Branson.

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        • Authentic leadership Committed to fighting climate change

          Jean-Pascal Tricoire attended the 2015 Climate Conference (COP21) in Paris — to pledge his support for the fight against climate change.

        • Authentic leadership Innovation at Every Level

          Schneider Electric CEO, Jean-Pascal Tricoire, introduced Schneider innovation at every level: redefining power and automation for a new world of energy which is more electric, decarbonized, decentralized, and digitized — ensuring Life Is On everywhere, for everyone and at every moment.

          • Strong belief in people

            People drive our future. We take risks on those intrepid thinkers, those daring visionaries. We are a thriving collective — an organization that grows together. This success comes from mutual loyalty. Our people are enabled by our faith in their abilities, and they go on to add distinction to our company persona.

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          • Strong belief in people Learning and Development

            Schneider Electric University offers a wide range of programs for personal and professional growth.
            The easy-to-access learning opportunities are aligned with individual and business needs, ensuring that our people are effective in their current and future roles.

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          • Strong belief in people Energy University

            Energy University is our FREE, online educational resource for professionals. It offers more than 200 courses on energy efficiency and data center topics. Join the Energy University today!

            Learn more
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          • Strong belief in people Marco Polo Program

            The Marco Polo program is skills development, leadership training, and cultural exchange rolled into one. This adventure allows selected employees to experience living abroad as they get ready for leadership roles.

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