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Journey into the Industries of the Future

In this session, Peter Herweck, CEO of AVEVA, and Barbara Frei, EVP of Industrial Automation at Schneider Electric, will take you on a journey to the Industries of the Future. You'll learn what truly open platforms look like, how we take on the climate crisis through sustainable technologies in hard-to-abate sectors, and more.  

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The Power of the Energy Transition Toward a Net-zero Future

Explore how today’s digital technology and strong partnerships will be essential to make our nation more energy independent, more resilient, and more secure. Moderated by Annette Clayton, CEO, North America, Schneider Electric.

The Worlds of OT and IT Have Converged: A Call for Leadership and Innovation

Every industry wants to digitize. Every building and factory can be smart. Every C-Level executive is thinking about the convergence of IT and OT. Fortunately, there’s a successful blueprint for the data center industry — survivors are ready to share their stories.

The Sustainable Electrified Home: Top Factors Driving Change in the Residential Space

In this discussion, leaders from Schneider Electric, Qmerit, EnergySage, and Rewiring America explore recent legislation that benefits your business and clients, what an end-to-end residential energy ecosystem looks like, digital technologies that facilitate greater electrification, and more. 

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3 Lessons Learned from Battle-tested Microgrid Experts

Pioneers share top takeaways after building some of the country’s leading microgrids.

3 Insights from the Women Decarbonizing 4.4 Billion Square Feet of Building Space

What insights have they gained on the way to net-zero? What advice do they have for leaders?

IT/OT Convergence: Advice from 3 Leaders on Bridging the Great Divide

Ideas from three powerful minds to bridge the IT/OT divide.

Advice on Achieving Net-zero IT Infrastructure from the Companies That Got It Done

To what extent do net-zero targets among IT and data center stakeholders reflect reality?

3 Ways to Get the Most Out of $1.2 Trillion in Infrastructure Investment

How public and private sectors can benefit most from the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act.

The Industrial Metaverse: What It Is and What It Means for You

The industrial metaverse helps you access - not escape - reality by allowing you to better interact with systems.

Innovation Summit Las Vegas

The moment is now. Hear how software and technologies are making the digital, electric world a reality. Watch the opening keynote, available now on demand.
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