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  • Innovation Summit NAM

    Innovation Summit
    North America 2018 On Demand Sessions

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November 13 | Keynotes

  • Keynote Address Powering and Digitizing the Economy
    Time: 9:00 AM EST

    At Schneider Electric, we are leading the digital transformation of energy management and automation. We are proud to work with customers and partners at the front lines of the digital revolution to ensure that Life Is On everywhere, for everyone, and at every moment. Together we are powering and digitizing life.

    Speaker: Jean-Pascal Tricoire
  • CNBC Panel Discussion IoT: Powering the Digital Economy
    Time: 1:00 PM EST

    The evolution of an aging US electrical system has not come without its problems. Society is beginning to demand an energy system that focuses on greater resilience, cost-effectiveness, and sustainability – but can their demands be met? This session will aim to highlight the problems stopping the US from achieving a sustainable energy system to meet society’s new demands, and how innovation can help.

    Speakers: Contessa Brewer, Kristina Johnson, Andrew Marino, Justin Fier, Martin Shalhoub, Michael Polsky

Breakout Sessions

  • Expert Learning Session

    EcoStruxure Power: Digitizing the Design, Build and Operation of Electrical Distribution
    Time: 10:45 AM EST

    EcoStruxure Power digitizes and simplifies the electrical distribution system and aids in decision-making. It helps facility owners and operators protect people and assets, optimize business performance, and maximize operational efficiency, while making it easier to achieve regulatory compliance. We’ll discuss the impact of digitization on the construction and electrical systems, other issues like green buildings and cybersecurity.

    Speakers: Mike Montanari, Ben Wilson, Barry Kaufman, Tom Clark, Braheem Santos

  • Strategic Talk

    Power Distribution Redefined
    Time: 11:45 AM EST

    The demand for power is constantly increasing. Together, we can engineer the most reliable power infrastructure and prepare for the new energy paradigm. Co-create, collaborate and scale to ultimately reach zero outage and no downtime.

    Speaker: Aamir Paul

  • Strategic Talk

    EcoStruxure™ Building: Smart Buildings for a sustainable future
    Time: 2:15 PM EST

    To meet the needs of the growing population, buildings of the Digital Economy era must become more sustainable and more efficient. EcoStruxure™ Building, our collaborative smart building IoT platform, provides solutions for more productive building management and more comfortable living spaces.

    Speakers: Nate Bouma, Mark Faber

  • Expert Learning Session

    Unlocking the Value of Your Assets: Shifting Investment from CapEx to OpEx
    Time: 3:45 PM EST

    Managing a global infrastructure portfolio of new build-outs, ongoing services, and modernization efforts is no small feat. Explore how a CapEx to OpEx program can alleviate budget constraints — and allow you to focus on your core business.

    Speakers: Alex Gershman, Maureen Ehrenberg, Helder V. da Silva, Thibault Chevallier, Chris Whipple

  • Expert Learning Session

    Life on the Edge: Experience Edge Computing in Action
    Time: 4:45 PM EST

    A proper edge solution that ensures visibility to your IT systems is crucial for making good business decisions. Learn what it takes to create an effective edge solution from someone who’s been there — hear about their real-life edge deployment, and how EcoStruxure™ keeps them connected to their critical environments.

    Speakers: Wendi Runyon, Wilfredo Sotolongo, Michael Clemson, Tripp Partain, Chandler Heath

November 14 | Keynotes

  • Panel Discussion The New Energy Landscape
    Time: 9:00 AM EST

    Traditional grid infrastructure is crumbling, leaving economies vulnerable to ever-increasing damages from natural disasters, and businesses vulnerable to lost revenue due to downtime. Explore innovative business models and technologies that increase resilience to reduce your business risk — and support your sustainability goals.

    Speaker: Mark Feasel, Karen Morgan, Sila Kiliccote, Paul Tyno, Darcy Immerman, Chris Crosby
  • The Wall Street Journal Panel Discussion What's Now and Next In Industrial Automation
    Time: 1:00 PM EST

    Today we stand on the brink of the fourth industrial revolution where Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) wireless and mobile technologies, decentralized data processing in the cloud, and artificial intelligence (AI) will allow manufacturers to produce more cost-effectively and with fewer human interventions. To some extent, the future is already here. So where do we go next? In this session, we'll discuss how IIoT impacts business productivity and efficiency today.

    Speakers: Rob Sloan, Jeff Martin, Johnny Howze III, Daniel Harr, Doug Kushnerick

Breakout Sessions

  • Strategic Talk

    Intuitive Industries – Digitized!
    Time: 10:45 AM EST

    How can you become a part of the industrial internet of things and drive the digital transformation of your industry? Learn how to get started on your digital journey and how to take advantage of the larger ecosystem of technology partners and domain experts to drive value.

    Speaker: Peter Herweck

  • Strategic Talk

    Buildings Reinvented
    Time: 11:30 AM EST

    A new breed of living buildings is appearing. These buildings – which can think, sense, and adapt – will be the cornerstone of modern, sustainable cities. EcoStruxure for Buildings is making this transformation possible by enabling sustainable design and Active Energy Management.

    Speakers: Laurent Bataille, Jim Sandelin

  • Expert Learning Session

    Data Centers & Microgrids: The Perfect Match
    Time: 2:15 PM EST

    Data centers have long subscribed to the mantra of up-time at any cost. Now, advanced microgrid solutions make it possible to meet up-time goals at reduced economic and environmental costs. See why data centers are taking a closer look at advanced microgrids to gain resilience, reduce risk, optimize energy costs, and increase sustainability.

    Speakers: Andy Haun, Peter Asmus