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    Sustainability Awareness

    Contributing to finding sustainable solutions to our planet’s energy and climate change challenges.

Imagining solutions for tomorrow

“Energy management and climate change are key challenges for the planet. Doing more with fewer resources is possible, starting now. By supporting iconic projects and awareness campaigns, the Schneider Electric Foundation contributes to showcasing the Schneider Electric know-how and to finding innovative solutions, particularly in the field of energy management, with equipment donations and employees’ skills.”

Patricia Benchenna,
Foundation and Philanthropy Director, Schneider Electric


  • Nomade des Mers

    Exploring low-technologies with Nomade des Mers
    While the crew of a catamaran travels the globe developing and testing different types of low-tech innovation, the Foundation provides financial, technological and human support for the expedition, involving Schneider Electric experts and volunteers from Schneider Electric Teachers.

  • Raising Awareness

    International work of art, Maskbook by Art of Change 21, raises awareness and mobilizes people for the environment, using the mask as a symbol. Through Maskbook, the anti-pollution (or dust) mask, a symbol of pollution, is transformed into a symbol for solutions.

  • Paléo-Energétique

    Founded in 2014, Paléo-Energétic is a civic and participatory research program which aims to collectively rewrite the history of energy, exploring the past in order to innovate in a smarter way in the future.

  • Princess Elisabeth polar station

    In 2009, through its Foundation, Schneider Electric handled all aspects of energy management for this exceptional project: electrical power supply, technical management, automation, supervision and remote control of the polar station. The extreme in which the on-board technologies must operate demonstrated the quality and reliability of Schneider Electric products and solutions.